Yamazaki Velvet produces a wide range of velvet fabrics for clothing, including "velvet fabrics made from genuine materials", "velvet fabrics with interesting expressions and textures" and "velvet fabrics with interesting processing".

Type of fabric

The names of velvets in this table are our own. It is not a generic name.

Wool velvet


The pile is made of wool, which makes the fabric fluffy and comfortable to the touch. All natural fibers are used for the ground and the pile, making the fabric gentle on the skin.

Purpose Coats and jackets
Overseer 210g/m2

Royal velvet


This type of velvet is thicker than ordinary velvet,

Purpose Coats, jackets and background cloth for photography
Overseer 235g/m2

Plain velvet


Royal velvet, shiny and luxurious velvet.

Purpose Coats and jackets
Overseer 210g/m2

Flat velvet


This is a general type of velvet, but with a less shiny pile (dull yarn). It has a calm impression.

Purpose Coats and jackets
Overseer 195g/m2

Chambray velvet


The fabric is made of ground high-twisted polyester, and is light and easy to handle. It is light and has a soft texture that is comfortable to touch. It is a georgette type, so it has a translucent feel.

Purpose Dress, Stall
Overseer 140g/m2

Georgette velvet


A thin, light velvet with a polyester ground. Opal is also available in this velvet fabric.

Purpose Dress, Stall
Overseer 135g/m2

Baby Velvet

#2840 #2840BC

It is so thin and light that you can see through the fabric underneath. The concept is to create a velvet with a very delicate texture that can be used in spring and summer.

Purpose Dress, Stall
Overseer 100g/m2

Paper velvet


The thinnest velvet in the world. We sought to create a fabric that is as light as Japanese paper, and overturned the conventional image of velvet.

Purpose Dress, Stall
Overseer 75g/m2

Long-pile velvet

#8004SLP #5800SLP #1350L

5 mm pile made of rayon. Gorgeous fabric with a weighty feel.

Purpose Coats and jackets
Overseer g/m2

Cotton velvet

#510 #CO5500

It is made of high-quality, fine-grained cotton, which feels good against the skin and is thinner than ordinary cotton velvet.

Purpose Jacket, skirt, cushion, chair upholstery
Overseer 210g/m2

Linen velvet


Linen, which is excellent in absorbing and dissipating water, is used for the pile. The elegant luster of linen stands out, and the material is gentle on the skin.

Purpose Coats, jackets, pants
Overseer 220g/m2

Silk velvet


Velvet expresses the unique smoothness of silk to the fullest. It is very soft to the touch and drapes well.

Purpose Dress, Stall
Overseer 140g/m2

Washi Velvet


Velvet made of Japanese paper with antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Features the unique texture of Japanese paper.

Purpose Cushions, Bedding
Overseer g/m2