About us

At the time of its establishment, we were a late entrant to the velvet industry in Fukui, but since the late 1980s, we have been developing textiles with fashion brands, which led us to create our own unique velvet products. Today, we continue to take on challenges every day.

Company Profile

Company name Yamazaki Velvet Co.
Representative Director Yuzo Yamashita
Location 9-29 Nakatsuyama-cho, Echizen-shi, Fukui 915-0253, Japan( MAP
TEL +81-778-43-1333
FAX +81-778-42-0841
starting a business September 1962.
Establishment April 11, 1987 (Incorporated)
Capital stock 10 million yen
Business Description Manufacture and sale of velvet fabrics
(We specialize in fabrics for women's clothing fabrics, mainly for designer brands.

Message & Profile

President and Representative Director
Yuzo Yamashita

I will take over as president in 2019 and I will be the third generation. Inheriting the challenging spirit of the current chairman, I am developing and proposing the ultimate velvet fabric that cannot be found anywhere else.

Masaji Yamazaki

After working as a weaver since 1951, I became independent in 1962. I have been working hard to improve my skills and am still engaged in the fabric manufacturing business. I am skilled in working with a wide variety of materials and have created unique velvets for the world. My washi paper velvet and web-processed velvet are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


September 1962 Founded by Masaji Yamazaki
April 11, 1987 Established Yamazaki Velvet Industry Co.
2002 Change of president. Hiroki Yamazaki becomes president.
September 2005 Company name changed to Yamazaki Velvet Co.
April 2017 Changed the address (number) on the register.
Yuzo Yamashita assumed the office of Representative Director.
February 15, 2019 Launch of new brand BATTAN BATTAN


2020 Masaji Yamazaki The Medal of Honor "Yellow Ribbon" in Autumn 2020
2019 Masaji Yamazaki Selected as an "Outstanding Engineer (Contemporary Master Craftsman)" by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare *First in the textile field
2010 Yuzo Yamashita Japan Textile Contest Second Prize
2007 Yuzo Yamashita Won a prize at Japan Creation Textile Contest.
2004 Masaji Yamazaki, Yuzo Yamashita Two Works Win Japan Creation 2005 Textile Contest.
2002 Yamazaki Velvet Awarded the Excellent Textile Award at FILO, an Italian textile and materials exhibition.
1997 Masaji Yamazaki Received Senken Newspaper Award at Tokyo Textile Design Contest.
1997 Masaji Yamazaki Tokyo Textile Design Contest, Honorable Mention.
1996 Masaji Yamazaki, Hiroki Yamazaki Two Works Selected for Tokyo Textile Design Contest
1994 Hiroki Yamazaki Won the Grand Prix in the Women's Clothing Category at the Japan Textile Contest.
1994 Yuzo Yamashita Won the Finish Prize in the Women's Clothing Category at the Japan Textile Contest.

Exhibitions|Costumes|Media Coverage

November 2, 2020 Medal with Yellow Ribbon" in Autumn 2020 (Fukui Shimbun)
November 9, 2019 Experience Shines Through in Outstanding Craftsmanship "Modern Master Craftsman" (Fukui Shimbun)
March 17, 2019. High-end stoles made with artisanal techniques (Fukui Shimbun)
March 15, 2019. Conveying the message of Fukui as a textile production area (Fukui Shimbun)
February 18, 2019 Textile industry of different technologies forms a unit. Stall by making use of craftsmanship (Textile News)
February 16, 2019 Common brand for three textile companies (Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Fukui Shimbun, Kenmin Fukui)
September 27, 2011 Published in Senken Shimbun
2004 Masaji Yamazaki's velvet collection was held.
2001 Costume support for the movie "Pistol Opera
2001 Cooperated in the exhibition "SAYOKO, Part.5 of Moli's Color Space" at Kobe Fashion Museum
2001 Costume support for the movie EIGHT AND A HALF WOMEN
2000 Costume support for the stage production "VOYAGE - Carnival on a Boat
2000 Costume support for Toho Musical "Elisabeth".
2000 "Masaji Yamazaki" Exhibition
1998 Exhibited at "Structure and Surface" at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.