Product Development

Since the 1980s, we have been working with a variety of creators to develop unprecedented textiles. Yamazaki Velvet has been able to continue to create unique velvets thanks to the existence of partners who have taken on the challenge with us.


Success on Makuake and Kickstarter! Velvet Washi Cloth Project Blossoms!

ITOITEX Washi yarn, developed by the ITOI Institute of Life and Culture, is woven into velvet using our technology. This product, called "Flowering Washi Cloth," has been supported through crowdfunding on Makuake in Japan and Kickstarter overseas, and both projects have been successful, far exceeding the target amount. On each page, you can see a video of the inside of the Yamazaki Velvet factory.

Flow from consultation to delivery

The following is an example.

1. Consultation
Please contact us with your desired fabric, application, order quantity, and delivery deadline. We are not always available to answer the phone, so please contact us through the Contact Us page. We will contact you as soon as possible.
2. Estimate
We will discuss the design, material, whether or not to check samples, delivery date, and price.
If you agree, we will proceed to production.
3. Production
After the approval of the trial production, we start the actual weaving of the fabric.
After the fabric is woven, the finishing process is carried out according to the requested processing and color.
4. Delivery
We will deliver according to the delivery date.